Identity System


Beth’s Cafe is a Seattle business and a favorite among the locals. They are known for their in-your-face persona, large portion sizes, and witty marquee phrases. They were made famous by their walls filled with crayon artwork from customers and their twelve-egg, omelet eating challenge. Their audience appeals to a large array of people: from large families tucked in to a booth on a Sunday morning to a group of college friends winding down on a late Saturday night.


Beth’s is filled with personality, life, and tradition. For this identity and letterhead set I wanted to give them a mark that they could call their own. I chose three appetizing Pantone colors and an egg graphic to give their name an identity. Along with the letterhead set I created a coaster that could be used for drinks during dining and then flipped over to color on and be hung in the restaurant. These coloring coasters would be a more organized way to display the customer’s artwork.