Senior Project


My senior project proposed a cancer support platform that provides a website, app, subscription box, fundraising, and other resources. This platform would be called "The Pin Cushion Society". Recognizing that they are many support groups currently available that address depression, fear, and anger, PCS would strive to use positive, strength-evoking words in this environment, which sets them apart from other types of support groups.

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Creating a platform specifically intended to provide support to this demographic, would be beneficial to this age of young adults that are often forgotten in the cancer community. The logo is seen in teal, which is the color of companionship. I felt it would be best to brand the company with the word “society” rather than “survivors.” An ambiguous name can bring some privacy to the users, especially if something arrives in the mail. Passersby will not immediately realize where the package is from. The name comes from many cancer patients referring to themselves as pin cushions in a metaphoric way.