Package Design


Tinkyáda Rice Pasta specializes in providing gluten-free pasta. They strive to make themselves appealing to people of all ages. They offer organic and kosher versions of their product, along with a children’s line that offers pasta in friendly, bunny shapes. The product has been certified organic by the Organic Crop Improvement Association and has won several taste test awards. Their mission is to provide gourmet pasta by using high-quality ingredients to maintain consistent texture to ensure the best taste.


I wanted this brand to have a wholesome, organic look and feel. I created this hand type with the idea of "family-friendly" being in mind. Tinkyada is a family owned company that strives to bring delicious, organic, pasta products to the table. The custom type reiterates that this is not a corporate company, but one that cares about the satisfaction of the viewers. I chose to use brown cardboard on the packaging to give a raw, natural look. I created a window to show the type of pasta for an easy grab from the consumer. The colors that I incorporated were inspired by common ingredients that surround pasta; tomato red, spinach green, and eggplant purple.